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My Blog Is a Complete Mess

Sorry for the mess here. I sometimes use this website to test features I'm creating on another site, which will completely destroy the look of this one. Coupled with a server move where none of the pictures came with.

If you’re looking for one of my recipes, they’re still available. What isn’t available (yet) are all the pictures to accompany them. I’ll get to work on that eventually. For now, I’m busy building other people’s websites. It’s like the cobbler’s kids without shoes, and the mechanic whose car never runs. Busy, busy, busy.

Not Today

"Is something wrong?", "Are you mad?", "Why haven't I seen you?", "How come you didn't join us at the event?", "Why did you leave early?", "Why are you so abrupt in your replies?" The things I hear daily. I've announced several weeks ago that I have a health condition...

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My Mother’s Famous Fruit Salad

Just like my grandmother's Pink Stuff, our family always has a big giant bowl of Fruit Salad every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't know when the tradition started, or who started it, but as long as I've been alive, it was my mother's task to make it every holiday....

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Pink Stuff – A holiday tradition

For as long as I can remember, and many years beyond I'm sure, our family has enjoyed what has been affectionately called Pink Stuff at every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner table. Reviewing the web to see if anyone else has the recipe listed, I found that other...

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Mexican Salad – A simple staple

Back in 1986 I married a man from Mississippi. It didn't last long - just two years, one month, one day - but from that marriage came a fine recipe his mother served up one night that I've made 1000 times since. I can honestly say the recipe was the best thing that...

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Run for your lives

Had an online discussion this morning about guns, semi-automatics to be precise, and I've come to some conclusions. I wish folks who were against guns didn't parrot the media and mouth off about semi-automatics being the devil. They aren't. The people I'm debating...

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Rustic BBQ Biscuits

A few months ago, I decided biscuit didn't need to be round. I know, a revelation, right. They don't. They can be square, or even nice little triangles. Heck they can be dropped from a spoon, patted out and cut into perfect circles, or even hearts. But out in the...

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Ranch Style Baked Beans

I like to hunt, there's no doubt about that. On our little 70 acre ranch we can harvest a few deer and hogs throughout the year to keep us fed without having to resort to slaughtering the animals we raise. We're supposed to slaughter the animals we raise, but come...

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