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Singer/Songwriter/Writer Libbi Bosworth was once a fixture on Austin’s legendary music scene. She has performed on Austin City Limits with Dale Watson and Don Walser.  Her songs have been recorded by Kelly Willis, Sunny Sweeney, Walter Hyatt, The Hollisters and Toni Price. A song co-written with Walter Hyatt appeared in an episode of the popular TV series “Friday Night Lights.” Now Bosworth is fighting a tough fight. In a bold move, she created an online fundraiser – for herself. Her raw honesty is making an impact.

“In a 13 month period, I lost $6,000 in a real estate transaction, lived through a full-on house fire that took almost every possession, scrambled each month to keep the utilities on, have food for myself and sons. It was a never-ending rollercoaster. Then I lost my job after one month. I was cash poor with no savings. I moved 4 times in 13 months. I had nothing. I had pawned what little I did have. Car payments were months behind and the bank was happy to remind me. I had 3 bank accounts – all overdrawn, utility disconnect notices lying in a pile and yet I tried to maintain an ‘It’s going to be okay’ attitude. I was poor, period. Penniless. Not a dime to my name. I had to scramble like never before. I had to get creative and move quickly. I had to take off that false mask of ‘It’s All Okay’ and ask for help.”

To help keep herself afloat until she can find a new job, Bosworth started a fundraiser for herself at GoFundMe.com, which hit the ground running. Donations came from surprising sources. “I’m looking at a donation from Delbert McClinton. I thought it was a joke at first. I am blown away by people from all walks of life coming to my aid.”

Bosworth admits that her money trouble is more serious than she first believed. The situation is dire. In a show of solidarity, performance fundraisers are popping up for this much cared for singer and friend to many. Austin’s landmark Continental Club is dedicating a popular Planet Casper show for Bosworth and Oklahoma City’s favorite listening room, Blue Door, is also holding a benefit for Bosworth.

“I believe we experience troubles so that we can learn from them. This one has been a doozy. I am nobody yet everybody. I’m 49 and my sons now live with their dad. I donated most of my furniture to others so I could move into this bedroom. I’m okay with having few possessions.”  Additionally, Bosworth says, “Some say they’ve lost belief in the human spirit. I’ve never lost belief. Not once, ever. I think the human spirit is innately kind.”

You can donate to Bosworth’s fundraiser via PayPal at libbi@libbibosworth.com or

And if you have a tip on a good writing or marketing job in the Austin area, give her a shout. Her resume is on her website, http://www.libbibosworth.com