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There’s many an instruction on how to do this, but I was asked today how to do it if you do NOT have a gmail account, or use a different login than your main gmail account. Apple and google don’t really like each other and each one has a slightly different bent on how to get it done. However, there are ways around iCloud and gmail. This is the story.

It’s important to follow the directions. Don’t deviate. If you do, it won’t work, and unless you’re a super special DIVA WOW member (you know who you are! HA!!), you won’t have someone like me to walk you through it.

First Steps

In your iPhone, go to Utilities/Settings.

Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars


Another window will display with your current information. Scroll to the bottom and click Add New Account.


Click Other. I don’t care if you have a gmail account, click Other.


Select CalDAV. Then type in the information as seen in the graphic below. Use the email address that you use for your google calendar. Whatever that email address is, it must be the one you use for your google calendar. The password should also be the one you use for the login you use for your google calendar.


When finished, it will save itself. Click Done.

For the description, I used www.google.com.  You can type any identifier here. This is what the calendar settings look like when you are finished.


For the advanced settings, it should automatically put the correct Account URL information in the field. It should look like this:


The above says email and account.com because that’s my email address for this calendar account. Yours will be your email address. The %40 is the ascii character for @.



But wait. There’s more.

Now we need to verify a few things in google.

Log in to the google calendar, http://calendar.google.com. In the calendar window click the gear icon, then select Settings.

Image 5-21-13 at 4.17 PM

Verify all the calendars you want to sync with your phone are available for sharing. The Show In List column will need to have the checkboxes selected. They may be grayed out. That’s okay.

Image 5-21-13 at 4.19 PM

For each calendar in your list, if you are sharing with a group and want to know if something is added, or changed you’ll need to modify the notifications. Click the calendar name (DIVA WOW in red above is the location of the links to the calendars.) The details for that calendar will display.

Click the Reminders and Notifications tab. Select the settings you want displayed when things change on your calendar. If you are unable to select the SMS service check boxes, then we need to set up the phone/calendar notification next. Click Save.

Image 5-21-13 at 4.24 PM

At the bottom of the page, click the Set up your phone to receive notifications link. Fill in the information on this page. It will require you to still have your phone nearby for validation code verification.

Image 5-21-13 at 4.25 PM

Click Save. Once you fill in the above information, you should receive SMS notifications AND alerts from the iCal calendar on your iPhone. Both will alert you IF you have notifications setup for the event/date. This might be annoying. It might not. If it is, you can come back to the page above, and turn the SMS notifications off.

Back to the Phone

Open your calendar application. We just want to make sure your new google calendars are showing up. Remember in the setup I called my new CalDAV description “www.google.com”? You can see it in my calendar list in my iCal application. Click the Calendar button in the left hand top of your screen.


Your list of calendars will display. You can see my list of calendars brought in from google.


Now click Done.


To add a new event from your phone to your google calendar – so you can see it both on the computer and on the phone – click the Add button on the right hand top side of the screen.


The new event window will display. Enter some information.


Scroll to select which calendar you want to add it to. Click calendar.


Your list of calendars will display. Select your new google calendar.


Then click Done. Your new event is now here on your phone, and on your google calendar.


Stay up to date, and share with your buds. It’s that easy.