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My Blog Is a Complete Mess

Sorry for the mess here. I sometimes use this website to test features I'm creating on another site, which will completely destroy the look of this one. Coupled with a server move where none of the pictures came with.

If you’re looking for one of my recipes, they’re still available. What isn’t available (yet) are all the pictures to accompany them. I’ll get to work on that eventually. For now, I’m busy building other people’s websites. It’s like the cobbler’s kids without shoes, and the mechanic whose car never runs. Busy, busy, busy.

Good Gravy

It always amazes me when I talk to folks about country cooking and their biggest conundrum is gravy. I've probably been making gravy as long as I've been able to hold a spoon in my hand. It was a staple growing up in my household, and just something that I saw created...

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VersaCarry – DIVA WOW R&D Team Review

Part of the benefit of being on the DIVA WOW Research and Development team is being given products to review I otherwise wouldn't know about, use, or be on the lookout for. The VersaCarry concealable holster is one such product. As a woman, it's difficult to carry a...

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Hidden Antler – DIVA WOW R&D Team Review

Got handed two of my favorite things to wear review the other day from the DIVA WOW R&D Director, Patricia Bullard, in a Target sack - a hat and a t-shirt from Hidden Antler. Opening it up I see some bright pink and green camo wadded up in the bottom of the sack. I...

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